Posted on: June 17, 2008 10:47 pm
Edited on: June 19, 2008 9:11 pm

Good For Garnett

So I was watching a Phillies game last week and talking to the T.V. screen, a habit of mine that has become more frequent over the years.  I am in my living room alone telling a Panasonic Viera how the Phils need to add a front line starter before the trade deadline if they want to get to the World Series this year.  At this moment I realized that I might have to find a healthier outlet for my thoughts, my kids are starting to give me strange looks, so I figured I would give blogging a try.  Now I dont know if anybody will read it, but the reaction will at least equal that of my television. 

So that said, right now I am watching game 6 of the NBA finals hoping that the Celtics can hang on for the win.  I love that team, they play hard defense for 48 minutes every night and they hustle more than any team in recent memory.   Kevin Garnett is an absolute monster in the middle tonight pushing Pau Gasol around and dominating the paint.  It is great to see a class act like him finally getting his shot at the finals.  His loyalty and commitment to team success is rare in sports these days and at a time when there are allegations of refs fxing games, the steroid cloud continues to hang over baseball, and the NFL has a different issue every week, Garnett stands out as somebody who does it the right way on and off the court he deserves a ring, no he has EARNED a ring.  After only making it out of the first round once in his 12 years in Minnesota he has finally gotten the job done in the playoffs, getting a ring would quiet alot of criticism and allow him to take his place as one of the leagues all-time greats.  This is not to take away the contributions of Paul Pierce or Ray Allen if the Celts win tonight Pierce is the MVP hands down, but if the streamers fall down on top of the Garden tonight it will have been Garnett who led them there.

















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